Types of cleaner we have

Types of cleaner we have

As a cleaner you can work on your own or be hired by companies or cooperatives. You can work in an apartment for private employers, or you can take care of cleaning offices, healthcare or industrial facilities. The tasks to be performed in each of these situations are different and the working hours are different. The biggest difference is between domestic and industrial workers office cleaning company singapore.

Household cleaners

The reps housecleaning generally work during office hours, when employers are out of the house, and often are employed part-time and work at more than one employer. Their duties are those of the normal maintenance of the house. From washing windows to washing grounds, washing and cleaning latrines and kitchens, performing laundry, drying apparel, ironing, dusting, all cottage cleaning trainings will be the duty of the cleaner. If you like to labor in this area, enormous honesty, restraint, exactness, ability to establish yourself and tempo of performance will be expected.


Types of cleaner we have

Industrial workers

The staff in an industrial building will have different tasks and working hours. If this is how you plan to work, then know that you will be working at dawn or at the closure of factories and offices, when the remaining staff are not present, and you will have to take care of cleaning the working environments. Your duties will include the sanitation of environments, such as canteens, toilets, offices and production areas. You may have to use more or less complex and more or less heavy machinery, for which you may need training. At the factory you may have to clean the production machines, an activity for which you will need to be trained.

The career of the cleaner

As a cleaner you can work on your own or be hired by an agency. As a self-employed worker you can find employment thanks to word of mouth and sponsorship from those who already know you. You will work with a VAT number and you will need an accountant. As an autonomous person you could also, after gaining some experience, think about opening your own company.

When it comes to working for an agency, things are different. Agencies are always looking for staff to take care of the maintenance of offices, companies or condominiums. Online it is very easy to come across job postings of this type. You will be able to reply to the announcements or you can introduce yourself, with your CV and cover letter , directly to the agencies to present your application.