Artistic Activities Offered in Most Singapore Creative Workshops

Ecoponics is Singapore’s biggest creative workshop, providing those in the corporate sector with intriguing and affordable team building activities. We offer plenty of activities to ensure corporates get the opportunity to team bond and do some interesting things while out of their daily schedules. Listed below are great creative workshop activities we provide to Singapore clients.

Terrarium Creating

Terrarium workshops are hands-on and fun activities that let you build your mini garden using charming statuettes and colorful sand. It’s a creative and informative activity that enables you to decorate unique and small gardens, which you can display in the interior of your house or office. Ecoponics provides you with both individual and group terrarium workshops, so no matter your desires, you are covered.

Leather making

Leather making workshop Singapore offers a stimulating and rewarding experience that allows you to bring home all your creations.  It’s an amazing activity that lets you create what you love and can use on a daily basis. For instance, we at Ecoponics will teach you to create things like cardholders and wallets, which you can use on an everyday basis.

Candle Making

Besides leather making workshop Singapore, we have a candle making workshop. Our Gel Candle making lets both children and adults explore their creative side while making candles out of organic and chemical-free substances. You will love and enjoy making organic candles with us, ensuring you declutter your mind and relieve all the stress.

Perfume Making

How does it feel knowing fully well you are the one who created the perfume you are wearing? It feels really good. We at Ecoponics offer a golden opportunity for people to get to learn the skill of making perfumes from readily available organic components.  You are free to take home the perfume creations you make after the creative sessions with our artists.

Flower Arrangements

Adding flower bouquets to your home can create the most welcoming and bright atmosphere. Flowers are surely going to brighten your day, and having a few is crucial. However, most people don’t know how to arrange these flowers, so they give the best feel and look.  Our flower arrangement workshops aim to teach you the best way to handle and arrange flowers. After the training sessions, you will have got enough expertise to arrange the flowers in your home or office smartly and stylishly.

When you book a creative workshop class with us, these are the activities you can choose to participate in. You cannot learn all the skills in these activities in a day, but rather in several classes. So, plan your learning bits well, and come up with the best plan on how to attend the workshops to engage in these fun and exciting activities.

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