Virtual reception solution

Choose the best Virtual reception solution to improve your business services

One of the major goals of every business is to provide the best customer service. Providing great customer service helps the business to gain a good reputation. Setting up your receptionist is the crucial thing that you need to consider the best solution in this modern world. Today, you have the option of a live video receptionist to handle the customers. Therefore, you must find the best solution for your business.

With the help of a live virtual receptionist, it is easy to provide better services without compromising the quality of services. By choosing the best Kiosk hardware and using theĀ Teleportel service provider you would be able to develop the best virtual receptionist solution for your business. There are different models of Kiosks that you can consider according to your business needs.

You could find a basic model to place in the entryway of your building, you can also opt for outdoor and indoor Kiosks models. Before you choose any system, it is good to analyze the needs that help you to find the best model for your business to provide the best customer services.


Teleportel is the expert in Video reception Kiosks services. They have more than two decades of experience in this field. They offer a range of products and solutions to clients. Here are a few solutions that you can get from the company.

The real receptionist:If you are looking to offer a personal service to your visitors, then this solution is the best for you. It is a real person providing the services to the customers or visitors. It helps to improve the reception experience that allows managing different locations from the same place.

The touchless reception:In this COVID situation, following the safety measures is crucial to avoid the issues. So, physical distancing plays a significant role and so the company comes with the best offer touchless reception. If you have the system, then the company offers you the software to start the function.

Holographical reality:If you want to make the digital customer experience in a great way, then you can opt for the holographical reality. It makes the place looks like a real person with 3D imagery and so it provides the best experience to the customers.

Hence, there are so many advanced solutions are offered by the company and you can choose the best services according to your business needs. You can trust their quality services as many popular businesses use their services.