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Funeral Home Services You Should Know About

Funeral homes provide more services than simply the traditional funeral procession with casket and burial at the cemetery burial site. However, this article will explore some lesser-known services that funeral homes provide that should be known about.


Cremation Services 

Rom Massey Funeral Directors services have increasingly become an alternative to traditional burials. Funeral homes now provide cremation as an option to families looking for ways to dispose of their loved one’s remains differently, including direct cremation without viewing and cremation with memorial service or both options. 


Pre-Planning Services

Funeral homes now provide pre-planning services enabling individuals and their loved ones to prearrange funeral arrangements before death, offering peace of mind that all their wishes will be fulfilled after they die. Pre-planning can involve selecting a casket or urn, choosing burial or cremation options, and planning a full service – among many other arrangements.


Memorial Services

Memorial services offer families an alternative means of honoring the life and legacy of loved ones after death without holding traditional funeral services. Funeral homes can arrange personalized monument services that reflect how to best remember a deceased through photos, mementos, and music that reflect who the individual was while sharing stories about them. Services may take place any time following someone’s passing to allow families who may otherwise find traditional burial arrangements impossible the chance to celebrate this milestone in a way most fitting to each situation.

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Grief Counseling Services

Funeral homes often provide grief counseling services as part of the aftercare package to assist individuals and families dealing with the death of a loved one. Grief counseling sessions may be provided either privately or collectively and provide emotional support, coping skills training, and guidance throughout the grieving process.


Personalization Services

Funeral homes often offer personalization services that allow families to tailor a funeral service in ways that reflect the personality and interests of the departed person, such as creating video tributes or including specific music/readings in the service. These customized touches help families craft unique yet memorable services in memory of a lost soul. Such personalized touches make a moving, special award in memory of their departed loved one.


Funeral homes provide many additional services beyond traditional funeral arrangements that can bring comfort, support, and personalization to families who have lost a loved one. Cremation services, pre-planning options such as green burial options or memorial services, grief counseling sessions, and personalization options are among these additional offerings, and funeral homes can assist their customers with creating meaningful tributes in honor of those lost.

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