Getting the required Singapore electricity comparison for energy-saving plans

Due to the heavy depletion of non-renewable resources, people are slowly becoming conscious about moving to energy-saving methods. And what is better than switching to the option of solar energy. Not only does it provide stable energy, but it also comes in cost-effective options when compared to alternative sources of energy. As a nation, Singapore is probably one of the firsts to go for commercialized solar energy. Its electricity boards have switched successfully to solar panels, in association with the developing companies. Therefore, read on to find more about singapore electricity comparison and make an informed choice accordingly.

The facilities

As mentioned earlier, solar energy is one of the people’s preferred choices, owing to its stability and cost incentives. And in a nation like Singapore, it is quite easy to get the required tariffs. The following describes the general features of the same:

  • Discounted tariff combined with the standard plans to regularise the households’ savings with the major solar giants of Singapore.
  • Beginning tariff discount at 23% for the new subscribers and subsequent increase based on household consumption.
  • Contract of 6 to 24 months can be easily renewed by the households, based on their plans for singapore electricity comparison.
  • The conventional electricity boards often charge no charges for transmission loss as parts of the utility bills.
  • No need to submit any security deposit for honoring the contract since the entire agreement is based on trust.
  • Based on 6, 12, and 24 months of the contract, available fact sheets allow the users to make up their choices.

Thus, reasons would fall less to encourage Singaporean households to subscribe to these plans and receive the ultimate savings on the household costs they have been looking forward to.

The general plans

Broadly, you can categorize the different tariff plans under the following heads:

  • 50 package, where the household is given access to about 50% of the local bodies’ solar energy. The facilities to this include a 15% discount on the tariff charges, a contract of 24 months, and zero security deposit or transmission charges.
  • 100 package, where the household would be gaining access to 100% of the solar power. The facilities are the same as mentioned above, except for a 10% discount on the tariff charges.

Opting for the required package

In this age of the internet, subscribing to any of these packages has become easy. All that you need to do is fill up the registration form, submit all of the required proofs, and complete the process of setting up the contract. Keep in mind to select the period that goes suitable as per your house requirements.

All in one, such incentives are meant to welcome more Singaporean households into going green.