Guide to choose the best CCTV installation & repair service provider in Leicester

You can see a wide variety of CCTV surveillance cameras currently in the market, so it can be sometimes difficult to choose the most suitable system to your environment. In such situations, you have a hire a CCTV installation and repair service provider who can help you to choose a right option of CCTV in Leicester camera setup for your office, factory, or home. From among the top rated service providers, Homecoms is the best choice to choose for all your surveillance requirements. They can provide variety of CCTV systems for your different needs.

Major types of CCTV security systems:

The following are the 3 major types of CCTV camera security systems offered by this installation and repair service providers. They include,

  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is the most famous choice of CCTV camera which is widely used in almost all places throughout the world. When you want to have low maintenance and budget friendly camera installation at your office or home, it is a perfect choice at all.

  • Network Video Recorder (NVR)

NVR CCTV camera system is somewhat high cost as compared to the DVR system but the quality of the video is really very good than that. This camera setup is generally used in the projects like factory surveillance and also building CCTV surveillance.

cctv installation at home

  • Wireless Camera Systems

When it comes to the wireless CCTV camera systems, they are really getting popular now because they don’t have any wired connection to record the videos. It has IR distance up to 30 meters and it also has some special features such as 360 degree rotation HD camera, IR night vision, motion tracking, full HD camera, two way taking, and also remote viewing.

CCTV installation and repair service:

Once you have hired an expert from Home Coms, they will directly come to your office or residential space and completely analyse what all the best places to install the surveillance cameras are. After that, they will give you highly professional and quick CCTV in Leicester installation services within one or two days. If you already have CCTV camera installations at your place and require any repair service, you can also hire repair professionals from this company. They can repair, reinstall, and also replace any CCTV equipment according to the requirements of the customers. Whether it is any kind of CCTV service, they give you 100 % satisfaction at all.