How Is A Blog Important To Your Business

  Any business owner will tell you that it is not just enough to preach about your business. You have to give more to your clients.

Business blogging is the next great way of giving to your client. It has evolved to become an essential part of inbound marketing strategies.

So, am sure you are wondering what business blogging is.

Business blogging is a marketing strategy that uses blogging to make your business more visible in the online world. A business blog focuses on topics related to what the business offers. For instance, a marketing agency’s blog will cover topics on marketing and related fields such as advertising and Public relations. Ideally, your blog will be within your website; that is a page within your website.

So now let’s move on to how important a blog is to your business;

It helps establish your business as an industry leader

The best blog is one that gives the client answers to some of the client’s unanswered questions and gives educational content.

Take for example a client who is starting up a business and has no clue on how to come up with a marketing strategy or how important a marketing strategy is. If your blog provides them with such information, chances are they will consider your marketing agency should they require your services because they view you as knowledgeable in matters marketing.

To build relationships

Relationships take long to build and one of the key determinants in building relationships is trust. Blogging will help you gain trust and goodwill from your clients and prospects when you give helpful information freely without necessarily selling to them. This shows the client that you actually care about their welfare. Trust is so powerful, that is why most people will buy from businesses that they have been referred to by their friends and family.

You can use blogging to slowly establish goodwill and trust with your clients and eventually build a relationship with them. The next effect will be that they will also refer other people to you.

You can creatively sell your services or products in the blog post or put a call to action at the end of the post. This is now where inbound marketing comes into action. A call to action can be a download  a free guide, ask for a quote, book for an appointment, request for a consultation or even subscribe to our newsletter.

To Boost your SEO

First of all, what is SEO? This is a strategy used by marketers to make their websites rank highly on the search engines through the use of selected keywords. How it works is that when a person types in their query, then your website appears on the top page of the search results. This definitely ensures traffic to your website.

With blogging, you can either use keywords, link building or even both to improve your SEO.

Drive traffic to your website

You can use your blog in collaboration with your social media to drive traffic to your website by producing good quality relevant content that is shareable. Once you publish a post, you then post the links on your social media pages with great visuals. Make sure that you integrate your blog with your social media.

You can also just post links to your website directly from your blog. What we call inbound links. You can also post links to specific landing pages in your website.

  1. For long term marketing

Blogging is also a long term marketing strategy. A successful blogger will confirm to you that blogging does not yield instant results. This is a strategy that you invest in and give it time to yield results. The advantage is that the impact is also long term.

A blog post compared to social media content has a longer life. What I mean is that once you publish a post, it will always be available to new readers for years unless of course you deactivate your blog or you collapse your website. That means that one blog post will bring you leads for quite some time. So long as you create quality content with a catchy headline, you can count on your post for years to come. You can just keep updating it and refreshing it.

These are more than enough reasons for you to start a blog for your business today. Remember with every blog post, you increase your chances of online visibility. Since your blog is within your website, a new post will increase the number of pages in your website and the higher the number of website pages the higher the possibility of being ranked highly by search engines. So having a blog is a more organized way of adding more pages to your website without cluttering it.

Probably you are wondering how you will reach your target audience for your blog. Don’t fret, there are a number of tested and proven ways that you can implement to ensure that your blog reaches to not only the targeted people but even more. Ways such as:

  • Posting your blog links on your the social media. Your business must already be active  in the social media platforms
  • Email marketing
  • Publishing long articles and publishing lots of posts. As many as 16 articles a month
  • Guest blogging
  • Joining online forums
  • Link building

Small businesses that are already blogging get at least 126% more lead growth as compared to small businesses that do not blog. Tweet (Source: ThinkCreative). This is clear evidence that by not blogging you are losing out on not only online visibility but also potential leads that would have been converted to sales. In this era of technology, you cannot just afford to be modest with your marketing strategies. To keep up with the stiff competition you must be innovative and adaptive to the changing technology trends. Back in 2002 when blogging was taking root, many businesses considered blogging to be a personal hobby and would not be seen in the blogging space. Almost 2 decades later and businesses are scrambling for the small blogging space that is not crowded.

I hope you can see that blogging is a cheap way of increasing your visibility while establishing authority and driving traffic to your website.

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