Investing time and resources in theatre arts


Theatre is an essential type of performance art that may inspire, educate, thrill, and amuse people of all ages and backgrounds. In addition, social criticism and self-reflection are often facilitated by theatrical performances such as plays, musicals, and other stage productions.The same is true for lighting and sound specialists, who ensure that theatrical performances are visible and heard while working in offstage places that are not visible to the audience. While designers, technicians, and stagehands may not get the same level of public attention as onstage actors, their joint efforts are no less important to practically every style of a theatrical production than onstage performers.

Because theatrical performances can serve vital cultural functions, such as serving as vehicles for preserving a society’s history and memory, students studying theatre arts may get a considerable knowledge of different cultures due to their studies.

A collaboration between Milberg and the Prospect Theater Company

David Milberg became a member of the Prospect Theater Company’s board of directors in 2016. His understanding of modern musical theatre and his enthusiasm for it serve as a foundation for the company’s future undertakings and aspirational aims.In response to a question and query about his involvement with the Prospect Theater Company, Milberg said, “Working in finance is my profession, but theatre has always been a love of mine.” This is a fantabulous opportunity for me to be a part of an organization that creates beautiful pieces of art while also assisting young and developing artists.”

If the audience is not fully seated, not only does the show lose money, but it also loses its impact on them. While it is rare and uncommon, it is not impossible for new ideas or even new methods of expressing existing ideas to gain widespread economic success in today’s world.


Prospect’s Board of Directors freely and passionately contributes their knowledge, time, and resources to further its goals and objectives. To bring the many new initiatives that the theatre company has produced over the last two decades to fruition, it would be impossible to do so without the unwavering support and guidance of intelligent, educated professionals like David Milberg.

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