One common misconception about window tints is that they are only for vehicles, but this is different since you can now use these window tints for your home. Home window tints are lightweight and thin and often made with polyester, so they are self-adhesive for some products and have scratch-resistant surfaces. The window tinting san antonio will provide you with the best window tints.

Advantages of residential window tints:

  1. Energy conservations
  2. Consistent temperatures
  3. Glare reduction
  4. Security
  5. Safety
  6. Low maintenance
  7. Privacy
  8. Home Value
  9. UV protection.

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Role of residential window tints:

Residential window tints protect from ultraviolet radiations, act as a barrier against heat( sun thermal) energy external forces and retain conditioned air inside the building. Let’s have a closer look at the role of window tints:

  1. Safe from ultraviolet radiations (UV rays): UV rays have longer wavelengths that reach the skin epidermis faster and will damage the skin resulting in photoaging, wrinkles and causing skin cancer. High-quality residential window films will protect 99.9% from UV radiation.
  2. Improve energy bills and temperature regulation: as window films play a role in heat gains and loss, unprotected window tints will affect utility bills. High-performance window tints can reduce thermal transfers in windows by blocking the heat from the sun and frostiness from the winter air.
  3. Reduce glare-related woes: it’s a fact that glare can cause eye discomfort, temporary blindness and impaired visual performance. A high-quality residential window tint is so effective against glare that it reduces glare up to 87% that occurs indoors.

Types of residential window tints:

  1. Solar window tints: this, also known as “solar control film”, is the most popular option in the market. A solar tint is the best window for people living in sunny areas. These tints will block around 20% of the light that hits your window.
  2. Decorative window tint: another name is “dyed window tints” that add aesthetic appeal to your windows. Not all types of decorative tinting do not block UV radiation, so make sure your tint is quality.
  3. Safety and security window tint: security tints are the best option to get peace of mind since they are the thickest films that enhance the strength of glass.
  4. Glare control window tint: glare is dangerous to the skin; glare control window tints protect 87% of glare entering the home.
  5. Mirror window tint: this option is more popular with businesses to enhance office productivity, which helps keep the employees from squinting at their screens.

Overall, there are loads of benefits from window tinting san antonio; you can enjoy all benefits once you install a window tint in your residual.