Choose the efficient orbital sander through this random orbital sander review

Choose the efficient orbital sander through this random orbital sander review

Getting tired of looking for the best orbital sander on the market? Random orbital sanders are power tools used in sanding a specific surface to achieve a smooth finish in the quickest way. There are three types of random orbital sanders; electric operated, air operated and those orbital floor sanders. Furthermore, electric and air operated sanders are used with the help of a hand while floor orbital sanders are large units used for huge sanding job. This article covers a random orbital sander review which aims users to choose the best sander.

What is a random orbital sander? 

Random orbital sander is commonly used for carpentry jobs or DIY projects. It is used to provide a smooth finish on a certain project. Upon using an orbital sander, you need first to attached the ventilation unit together with the sandpaper pads and your good to use it already. For first-timers, usage of orbital sander is hassle-free. You need to follow simple step-by-step procedures in using the sander.

random orbital sander review

Orbital sanders work by a continuously spin of the sanding disk with an ellipse movement. Upon using the unit, the dust system moves to gather the dust particles but it most likely recommended to used mask and goggles to avoid irritation and dust caused illnesses. In this random orbital review, we will cover some of the considered best units in the market.

Here are some of the available orbital sander in the market:

Black and Decker BDERO100

This unit is recommended to be used for small sanding jobs only. It is not heavy and easy to manage. It weighs 3.16 pounds only, and it is one of the lightest sander son the market. This unit is manageable and easy to grind. It offers a spin rate of 12000 OPM. Although it is lightweight, it delivers excellent finishes and work.

This unit is available at very budget-friendly cost, and it is recommended for removing wall paints. Upon purchase, you’ll get a free sanding sheet and a 2-year warranty as well.

ROS20VSC Bosch orbital sander

This unit showcases great features and design. It is one of the recommended heavy-duty orbital sanders although it only releases 2.5 amp. Its maximum spin rate is 12,000 OPM and can be adjusted down to 7,500 OPM. This feature enables users to minimize the spin rate when you need to achieve the fine, smooth finish of the surface.

Italso comes with an advanced dust collecting system which enables tiniest particles and dust to pass on. This system aims to achieve a dust-free workplace and to produce excellent quality of sanding job. It also features a pad dampening system which helps in avoiding hollow or uneven surfaces.

This unit is known for its hook-tight sanding pad; it offers 35000 holding hooks which provide great grip on the sanding pad and to avoid unnecessary movement of the attached sanding pad which may cause accidents or uneven sanding surfaces. Upon purchasing the unit, it comes with a pleasant case with a 1-year warranty.

Makita BO5041 K

It is considered as one of the best random orbital sanders so far. It measures 5”, and it offers amazing features. From its design, the handle has a rubberized feature making it more manageable when using. It has two handles which make the work easier. It covers a range of spin rate of 4000 to 12,000 OPM.

It covers a 3 Amp power, and it is sufficient on big sanding projects. It also has a pad control system and variable speed control. It is one of the recommended orbital sanders in UK and USA. Upon purchase, it comes with a dust bag and an abrasive pad.


This random orbital sander review sets some best orbital sanders in the market. To check these units, you can pay a visit to some huge hardware stores nearest you. Aside from hardware, you can also buy through online shops and save the energy of going to hardware. The risky part is that you cannot test or choose the products personally, however, you can test the item once it has arrived. In choosing a unit, you need to consider how heavy is your sanding job. It also depends on your preferences and taste. For more information, you can check here.