cek ongkir pengiriman


Whenever a customer orders a product to be delivered to their doorstep, package tracking becomes a prime necessity. The company may show the package has been provided, but the client may not have received it. This condition becomes a pivotal point and raises anxiety in the customer. For customer satisfaction, shipping companies have looked into this particular aspect and have come up with some solutions.

They have come up with digital solutions. Companies request their customers to track parcels by logging in on their websites. They generally have an option on their website or app saying ‘track my package,’ ‘track package,’ or something similar.


Parcel tracking refers to tracking shipments from one scheduled drop-off point to another. From where the parcel gets shipped to the customer’s doorstep, there can be one, two, or multiple drop-off points. The plan is made according to the network possessed by the shipping company or the route it plans. Customers generally receive a mail or message whenever the shipment reaches another drop-off point.

cek ongkir pengiriman

You can input your tracking information, a transaction ID, or an Order ID for tracking your parcel on the website. There are many benefits to tracking your package. If you have already paid for your order and expect it within 2-3 days, enabling tracking provides peace of mind: the company’s effective customer service and confirmation help to build positive company-customer relationships. If a shipment goes well, it is also beneficial for the company. The satisfied customers become recurring clients for the company.

Parcel tracking integrates visibility in the company-customer relationship.


In Indonesia, companies like Deliveree, SiCepat, and Wahana are considered the cheapest shipping options. ­­­They ­­claim easy freight transport over long and short distances. These companies have price calculators on their sites. They provide customers with easy-to-use inbuilt shipping calculators.

You can easily compare cek ongkir pengiriman rates with different companies. Service providers offer different cargo weights, estimated prices, and FTL or LTL service plans.

There are many ways to check shipping options. The cek ongkir pengiriman option is the most used way to check the latest cargo shipping prices. Customers can visit their company website or contact customer support to know the recent shipping prices.