payroll outsourcing services hk

Visa renewal and payroll outsourcing services hk


When you are moving to a country you need to check out all the visa requirements and it will be very tiresome work for a person to do and figure out all the requirements of the visa on their own. And that too for a country like a Hong Kong it is very much important to sort out all the issues of visa.  There is no need to worry about the fulfilment of visa, check out the website of Talent Fields which is having a special team which works out to solve all problems of visa. There is a lot of paperwork along with the information, which is conflicting, so it is always adjusted to have an immigration consultant or advisor who is trusted and reliable and who can provide better output and results. When you are looking for the working visa renewal hong kong, take the help of Talent Fields service provider for work-related with just like employment visa, investment visa training visa as well as the dependent visa.

Visa services

 There are the types of visa services include the change in visa status, transfer of visa endorsement, change of sponsorship of work visa, immigration arrangement for non-local graduate, visa and immigration consultation, admission scheme for mainland talents and professionals, along with the china visa in Hong Kong for foreigners. They work with the range of solutions which also includes human resources accounting and payroll outsourcing services.

payroll outsourcing services hk

Payroll Hong Kong services

The payroll hk services include preparation of filing the form 56 in order to report to the salary of the employee till the date of the resignation or termination, preparation of reports of payroll, maintenance and enrolment of the mandatory provident fund every month, maintenance of payroll account, calculation as well as payment of monthly payroll. The service which is offered by the Talent Fields Hongkong, regarding the payroll outsourcing services is with great attention to detail and there are numerous solutions for the businesses which are comprehensive. The team of experts will maintain the system for you with the top-level security. There is a team which is qualified well experienced and also the charges which are taken for this outsourcing service are reliable and affordable.


Just leave all the worries experts from the Talent Fields and they provide many benefits and handle the issues of the problems easily. Talent Fieldss Hong Kong is a one-stop service for immigration as well as the payroll outsourcing the services are customized and also dedicated with perfect assistance to the clients as well as the customers. Revenue along with the opportunities are explored with this immigration advisor and agency of Talent Fields.

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