What are the types of conveyor belts?

Conveyor belts are essential in transferring material or essential tools from one place to another place. These belts are continuous moving strips essential for moving heavy tools from one area to another area. You can find these correas industriales in various places such as industries, airports, and many other places.

These conveyor belts can help industries in many ways, and with the help of these belts, the company can handle the heavy weight without taking the help of the workers.

In this article, we will discuss various types of conveyors used in different industries and other places. You can find these types below:

  • Solid and general use belts: These correas industrials are widely used in industries to make tasks easy and comfortable. These belts are made from high-quality rubber in order to provide better durability and sturdiness. You can find this belt in grocery stores, industries, and many other places.
  • Filter conveyor belts: These filter belts are mostly used in industries to drain excess fluid or toxic liquid with the help of these filter belts. So, if you have the owner of one of the industries, you must know about these filter belts so that you can use them in your company. With the use of these filter belts, you can make your all transferring tasks easy and comfortable.

Conveyor and processing belts – Forbo Movement

  • Flat belt conveyor: In this flat conveyor belt, various pulleys are to be used to move the belt continuously. These belts are commonly used in industries that are made from synthetic and polyester materials.
  • Modular conveyor belts: These belts are made from hard plastic and contain individual and interlock belting power.
  • Cleated conveyor belt: In this type of conveyor belt, there are various vertical cleats available to help each other to transfer material from one place to another place. This cleated belt is used in various places to make overall work easy and quick.
  • Curved conveyor belt: It contains a curved conveyor belt that why it is called a curved belt. These belts can carry materials for floor making and other goods. So, If you are dealing with that types of tasks in your company, you can choose curved conveyor belts to make your work easy.


The above discussion is good to know about the types of conveyor belts. These belts are the best and most reliable belts to transfer goods, and other products from one place to another and these belts make transferring work a lot easier.

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