What is the Expatriate Assistance Program?

What is the Expatriate Assistance Program?

A decade of experience in the industry has taught us that moving to a new country can be a difficult time for both you and your families. That is why we have developed the Expatriate Assistance Program (EAP).

Designed to help you with all of life’s questions, problems and concerns, the service is provided by professionals who offer multilingual and confidential support for mental, financial, physical and emotional well-being. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year expatriate health insurance.

A precious help

Adapting to a new environment and culture can be an exciting yet daunting experience.

With our EAP you can rest assured that no matter what life has in store for you, we will be there to offer you support, anytime, anywhere. Through our new wellness platform, you have access to a range of services, including,

expatriate health insurance

Expert advice

Support from financial and legal specialists, childcare and elderly care, future planning and debt support, retirement and many more.

Personalized contents in the field of wellness

Small content such as blogs, articles, book excerpts and more, written by leading wellness experts and bestselling authors

Podcasts and audio suggestions

Your support for well-being wherever you are. Listen to podcasts and get tips on topics like time management, happiness, health and more.

Download the application and use your login details to log in via your mobile device. Through the application you can contact an EAP consultant with a single gesture, at any time and wherever you are.

Health insurance for expats


Depending on the level of coverage chosen, the insurance covers ordinary or emergency medical expenses, hospitalizations in 1 or 2-bed rooms, maternity expenses or dental treatment.Upon departure from Switzerland, it is possible to subscribe to coverage equivalent to that enjoyed at Groupe Mutuel, without undergoing a new health examination.Upon return to Switzerland, the coverage initially taken out can be reinstated, without any additional check-up.

Characteristics of Health Insurance

Compulsory insurance and premium payment

If the system is institutionalized to avoid purchasing insurance, only those with a high risk of disease will purchase insurance to achieve the purpose of the health insurance system of mutual risk sharing and joint resolution of medical expenses. Without health insurance, insurance is compulsory and you are obligated to pay premiums.