What You Should Know About Equity Release

What You Should Know About Equity Release

Equity Release has taken off in fame in recent years, yet many people have queries over how the procedure functions. Here, we tell you about what equity release is and how it will benefit retirement equity release in the UK.

Equity release provides you money in your home from the age of 55 without having to sell it. You can continue living in the property. However, you viably apply for a new loan that is reimbursed when you move into a home, sell the house, or die. Retirement equity release in the UK provides you the lifetime mortgage through which you can have a lot of financing options available with you. Let’s know more about the Equity release in this article.

What is Equity Release?

Equity release alludes to a wide range of products letting you get to the equity tied up in your home on the off chance that you are beyond 55 years old or having property £70K or above. You can take the cash you discharge as a singular amount or, in several amounts, as well as combination amounts.

retirement equity release in the UK

What is the need for Equity?

There are several reasons where the Equity has importance, such as you don’t want to downsize. Equity provides you the offer to stay in your home as well as you can move to another house.

The other reason is that you need to repay your investment only in the mortgage. There are several other reasons where you can choose Equity. That is, you have to make improvements at home. You want to provide financial support to your family.

How can you benefit from Equity?

If we talk about the benefits, then there are a lot of benefits that drive Equity to reach our expectations. Some benefits are


  • It is good news for homeowners aged above 55, and they will be able to release funds from the value of the property.
  • The age and property value have a lot of importance in deciding the amount you will get.
  • You can easily access a more substantial part of your home’s value. If you are getting older, the price will be increasing.
  • Some lenders will take into account your health and lifestyle for increasing the amount.

How to unlock Tax-Free cash?

Two ways can unlock tax-free cash. Lifetime mortgage and home reversion is the type of equity release that is popular.

A lifetime mortgage allows you to take home loans without monthly payments and home reversion is a process where you sell all part of your home and receive a tax-free lump sum.

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