Popularity Of Social Commerce

Why is socialized commerce now a popular platform? Check out this post

You probably heard about Trunited, an online shopping site where you can earn money just by shopping. Because of its popularity, there has been a huge discussion about the effectiveness and the legitimacy of socialized commerce.

It would be timely to talk about socialize commerce because how Trunited caught the attention of thousands of Americans because of its promise to earn money even when you are just sitting scrolling through your phone and placing an order regardless of what product your purchase.

First off, socialized commerce works when the entire community combines all of their loyalty and their entire strength in purchasing for themselves that enables them to gain big amounts of savings and other ways of earning opportunities from different brands and companies. This is how Trunited works and this is how it influenced hordes of American consumers.

All of the efforts that you did can benefit everyone who is personally involved with the transactions, but how can you make the most out of socialized commerce? In this article, let us discuss the function of socialized commerce.

The benefits of socialized commerce mainly focus on consumers because of the strong presence of online shopping which has very similar benefits that you can get from it. Listed below are some of the most popular benefits of socialized commerce that has put Trunited where it is right now according to Trunited owner and founder Dr. Nicolas Porter during his live podcast titled Dr. Nico.

Popularity Of Social Commerce

  • Convenience- Probably the best reason why a lot of people are patronizing Trunited because it is simply an online shopping site where you can shop whatever you want without leaving your house by using only your smartphone, your computer, and other applications.
  • Variety- A lot of online stores have a bigger variety of items compared to conventional shopping stores. It usually has all the item that you want in stock, and if not, it can always create alternative ways for you to order what you need and want ranging from electronic devices, food, clothing, cosmetics, and health and wellness.
  • Wide options- Compared to shopping in malls, online shopping is a whole lot easier and a whole lot faster because you are not required to visit any store physically, all you need to do is browse and scroll down your smartphone to shop online and make a purchase.
  • No hassle- Compared to queue in long lines especially during sales and promotional offers, shopping online is very convenient and no hassle at all.

All the benefits that you have read above are what Trunited provides to its members and customers, and on top of that, you can earn while you shop. It is simply a cash back system where you earn a portion of the money that you have spent shopping from recommended retailers. Also, to add more, you can earn by referring others to sign-up and create their own purchase through its own website. You can earn points convertible to money in Trunited through its purchasing system and referral system which are both completely safe and legitimate.