Harvey balls

Presentation and report tips with Harvey balls software

Harvey Ball is a kind of state indicators that is usually used for reports and presentation comparison. Harvey balls ideograms are used for visual representation and communication of qualitative information. For instance, they can be used to show specific degree item may meet criterion requirements. Harvey balls might also be found in types of comparison number such as product weight, price, safety, quality and much more.

Harvey Balls’ History

Harvey ball was developed by a brainchild popularly known as Harvey L. Poppel. He was credit for inventing this ideogram during the 1970s. Harvey was a well-known IT investor who served as an IT Mergers and M.D in acquisition firm identified as Broadview Associates. He also worked as Hamilton, Booz and Allen.

Visual Communication and Harvey Balls

Harvey Balls served as a visual communication means that isn’t just limited for business presentation but also use other fields like Meteorology, cartography and astronomy. Additionally, Harvey balls are typically used portraying visualizations related to moon weather and cycles. Harvey balls have evolved in other uses like IBM software to check whether the receiver was copied.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Harvey Ball

Some many pros and cons come with Harvey balls, especially in PowerPoint Presentations, including other document types. Here are several advantages and disadvantage comes with Harvey balls usage:

Harvey balls

Helps in depicting Qualitative Information

One of the benefits that come with Harvey balls is that it assists in portraying qualitative information. Shaded Harvey balls are easier to grasp when presenting to the audience, especially when explaining how less or much an item should be considered the other. Likewise, using an image instead of digits can be useful for the audience.

Saves Space within the slide

Rather than using a large amount of data, it would be much better if you shrink the entire data using Harvey balls. For instance, if you want to compare two products in terms of quality, market share, and safety, you can use Harvey balls for a fast visual scan. It can save the space on the slide that otherwise requires detailed information.

The disadvantage of using Harvey balls

Harvey Balls aren’t commonly used; they are different from other popular symbols known as stars, and emojis. They come across different cultures, particularly the ones that are not influenced by other western symbols. Since they are not widely known, they can be counterproductive to be used in reports, presentations etc.

Visually Overpowering

Harvey Halls are easy to grasp for many individuals, in such that other individuals have found them quite confusing and visually overpowering. They don’t seem appropriate especially when you’ve decided to use them with several colors in similar visualization. For instance, a colorful Harvey Balls cab is somehow confusing, unlike those simple pie charts that are easy to grasp.