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Why Businesses Can Benefit Greatly from Cloud Services

Today’s world is a fast paced one, and technology is one of the fastest in terms of growth and advancement. Businessmen would do well to invest in technology, or else they’d get left behind and be unable to keep up not only with the demand but also with the means to better serve their customers.

One of these investments, no matter what kind of industry you’re part of, is cloud services. Cloud services are the pinnacle of technological advances in the field of data storage and warehousing. They provide businesses and their proprietors a lot of benefits.

What are these benefits exactly? Take a look at some of them below.

Less Physical Resources to Spend Money In

Services like iSeries cloud services actually take a lot of financial burdens off your business’ figurative shoulders. For example, setting up your own network server in your office will also require you to invest in a lot of space AND hardware.

Commercial real estate doesn’t come cheap, and it’s the same with setting up your own servers. High-speed and high capacity hard drives are definitely expensive to procure, and costly to maintain as well as to replace. You’d require a lot of manpower to keep an eye on these delicate devices.

With cloud services, however, you can take advantage of remote resources to store and back up your important business data. You are “renting” the resources of the provider, for a price, thus freeing you a lot of physical space in the office.

All that for a fixed monthly fee, which is determined further by your own needs and budgets.

 iSeries cloud services

Less Risk of Data Loss Due to Power Failures

Another reason why maintaining your own servers is more expensive is because you have to maintain an uninterruptible power supply to your data network. Despite their sophistication, hard drives are very prone to failing as a result of power spikes following a sudden loss of power.

With cloud servers, however, providers like iSeries will take care of that aspect of maintenance for you. They have invested heavily in the safeguards necessary to prevent loss of important data, and can assure you of the safety of their servers.

In return, you free yourself up from the otherwise expensive equipment and peripherals just to ensure your server drives are kept up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Convenience For Yourself and Your Staff

Having your resources hosted in the Cloud makes everything convenient for yourself and your staff. It’s easy now to share data between members of your team and, with the correct access rights for each person, they can retrieve data that they need even when they’re working on the field.

Cloud services have benefited a wide range of service industries, like couriers, pest extermination agencies, and even construction contractors!

iSeries cloud services specializes in providing cloud storage options for companies that use the IBM i network operating system. Contact us now if you have further questions.

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